Saturday, September 13, 2008


The results were very repeatable when we plotted them.
Here is the first comparison chart of the DPF and the DPF with Erasure. The Polarization setting is A, with only two linear filters with a 45° difference between them.

Next I hope to post more comparison charts and conclusions next. Also we have collected enough data to last us awhile.


Mauri said...

Congratulations on having run a very interesting experiment! You did a lot of innovative things.

I did not understand the part about the needle and the two polarizers. I done the Youngs experiment with two polarizers for attenuators. But, the needle with them stumped me.

I've used double and single slits.

I had thought to limit the the high value bright spots to 1000 photons per second so that I can assert that there is seldom or never more than one photon in my apparatus at a time.

Best of luck in school. I hope your homework doesn't preclude just a very short response about the polarizers configuration.


Mauri Pelto

Mauri said...

PS I didn't "done" the experiment. I DID it!