Thursday, August 28, 2008

Day 10

We have finally gotten a consistent interference pattern. After rebuilding our sensor platform we got a reliable inference pattern. Also, we managed to find even more stray light sources around the room such as a florescent glow from an overhead light even after it was turned off, and some assorted LED's.

The axes in this chart show the photon rate in Hertz vs. time in milliseconds on the x axis. This picture can be identified as interference because of the peaks and troughs. The amplitude is getting bigger because the sensor was moving towards the center of the laser. We want to reduce the photon rate to the thousands so we can make sure that the photons are not interfering with each other and not themselves.

Raw Data Files:
We ran into some problems when we tried to use the Dual Polarization Filter which is a two sided filter with opposite (+45 and -45) sides to separate the sides there is a needle. When we conducted this experiment we saw an interference wave, we were expecting a smooth decreasing line when we looked closer we realized the last polarization before the Dual Polarization Filter was the same as one of the sides.

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