Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day 6

Today I am working on telling more about the history of this experiment.
The whole thing started a little over a year ago after my dad had explained some of quantum theory to me. I loved the endless possibilities and crazy but highly predictable outcomes. So my dad searched up this.
The first experiment was conducted in a hotel room in full light with paper, polarized 3-D glasses. We learned that precision was important to good outcomes. After that, we became more and more careful. Now, 3 generations later, this is our system: we select glasses with the fewest manufacturing defects, such as scratches, and then cut them out of the paper frame; next, we take a needle and place it in between 2 of the polarized filters and tape the tops and bottoms together with clear tape.

Now with the generous loan of 2 photon detectors from Sens-L, we will retest our experiment with one photon at a time to ensure that the photons are taking all paths from the source to the screen and not just bouncing off each other to create the interference.

To learn more about the experiment itself, download my power point presentation on the subject.

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